Our Founder

Elvis, the Founder of Bulldog Title

Bulldog Title was named after an extraordinary English bulldog named Elvis, who was a fixture at our office over the course of his lifetime. Elvis was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania, on February 8, 1993, but quickly became a full-blooded Louisianan and Monroe resident. Our long-time clients might remember Elvis entertaining clients and staff alike during the day.
Elvis showed an ongoing tenacity and good humor as he endured many health problems, including a heart condition and a breathing problem that required a corrective tracheostomy. We are thankful to Dr. Rick Lefebvre and his staff and the doctors and students at the LSU Veterinary School Small Animals Clinic, who were responsible for extending Elvis’s life beyond what was originally thought possible. He went on to live to be over 13 years old, which is a full life for a bulldog.
Despite his declining health, Elvis continued to demonstrate good spirits and continued to play and (attempt to) bark like any other dog, winning the admiration and affection of everyone around him. Elvis was and continues to be our inspiration.
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