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The title to a property isn’t a tangible thing, but rather a legal right to that property - and it includes all previous ownerships and transfers. Before a real estate transaction can take place, a title search must be done to confirm that the title is free from any defects or encumbrances that could endanger the right of one’s ownership down the road. Title insurance is then purchased by the buyer to protect these rights once the sale takes place. 


Our team at Bulldog Title Insurance Agency is dedicated to making sure that nothing gets between you and the rights to your new property. 

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Our Escrow Services


We have escrow agents that oversee real estate transactions and make sure everything is done in a timely manner so that your closing is as smooth as possible. In fact, escrow is in place to protect the interest of everyone involved, including the buyer, the seller, and the lender. 


We will securely hold funds and work diligently to not release them to anyone until every condition of the agreement is met. As you move through the process for the sale, everything gets checked off the list, which can include standard steps, such as the title search and clearing of the title, as well as certain repairs or inspections of the property. 


Once everything has been taken care of, the escrow team at Bulldog Title Insurance Agency will finalize the transaction and send the funds from the lender or buyer to the seller. 

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Benefits of Title and Escrow Services


When it comes to title and escrow services, the benefits are far and wide, impacting parties on both sides of the sale. They include: 


  • A neutral third party to ensure that each piece of the transaction is handled before the sale is finalized. 

  • No need to exchange personal information between buyer and seller.

  • Good faith deposits and other funds are held securely with escrow until all conditions of the sale are met. 

  • Confidence that the title is clear and the sale is safe to move forward. 

  • The buyer can easily purchase title insurance for both owner and lender. 

  • Each party can be assured that all documents involved are proper, thorough, and handled accordingly. 


Most importantly, with title and escrow services, you can expect your real estate transaction to take place in a timely manner and the closing to go as smoothly as possible. 


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We have always called Louisiana home. From Caddo Parish to Orleans Parish and everywhere in between, we’ve got your title escrow services covered. That’s right - Bulldog Title Insurance Agency serves the entire state of Louisiana.


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