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Title Settlement Services

Title Settlement Services


At Bulldog Title Insurance Agency, we know just how exciting it is to buy a new piece of property, either commercial or residential. We also know that there are a lot of steps that need to take place to successfully make that happen. Thanks to our team of experts and years of experience, we can walk you through it every step of the way. 

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Key Steps in Our Settlement Services 


You may think that a title company just issues title insurance policies or that they are just there to have you sign papers. But, there is a lot that goes into that you don’t see – steps that keep you safe and protected with your new property purchase. At Bulldog Title we are constantly working for you. 

Title Search and Examination

One of the first things we do when you decide to purchase a piece of real estate is to make sure that it is within your right to do so, free and clear. This involves a little digging, checking public records and putting together a history of the property. Any red flags such as liens, judgments, missing signatures, and so forth could prevent the sale of the property.


Resolving Any Title Issues

Some title issues can be resolved. There may be simple ownership disputes that can be cleared up or maybe a small mechanics lien that can be paid off. Depending on the situation, we try to do our best to work with everyone involved to get that title clear so that you can move forward to closing.

Title Insurance is Issued

Once it is determined that the title is good to move forward to closing, a lender’s title insurance policy, an owner’s title insurance policy, or both are issued. This protects against anything that may have happened before you took title to the property.

Closing or Settlement - and Signing

Some refer to it as a closing, others a settlement, but they are essentially the same thing. This is when you will sign all the documents that are necessary for the lender and transfer the property. Any closing costs that need to change hands will do so now.


Once the documents are signed, they are sent to the recording department at your local parish office. And the funds for the property are disbursed to the seller.

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Title and Settlement Services are a Vital Part of Real Estate Transactions


Bulldog Title Insurance Agency plays a huge part in making the transaction happen as smoothly as possible. Many people are working together to make sure the title to the property has been searched and cleared, that the documents are perfectly drawn up, the title insurance policy has been issued, and that the documents are recorded properly once they are signed. 

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Serving The Entire State of Louisiana


Our homegrown title agency serves all of Louisiana’s 64 parishes. No matter where you are in the state, we are here to serve your title needs.



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