Real Estate Closings

 Real Estate Closings


There are many horror stories about real estate closings. Real estate closings involve the coming together of the buyer and seller - and a lot of paperwork. And most of these documents have made their way through the hands of many different people. In other words, there are many opportunities for a real estate closing to go wrong. 


That is, of course, unless you have Bulldog Title Insurance Agency on your side. 


Real Estate Closings: What’s Involved?


Leading up to the closing itself, title services are necessary to ensure that the seller has the right to sell the property - and that the title is clear for the new owner. There may be a need for the escrow services to handle any earnest money or other funds. And you always want to make sure that you invest in title insurance to protect your property rights. 


But what is a title company’s role in a real estate closing?


Your title company will represent all the parties in the transaction by: 


  • Preparing all the necessary documents. 

  • Obtaining signatures on the closing documents, ensuring that every document is correct and properly signed. 

  • Distributing any payments or funds that have been held in escrow. 

  • Recording all documents as required in public records, such as deeds and mortgages. 


When Bulldog Title Insurance Agency facilitates a closing, they work hard to ensure that it is a smooth and efficient transaction. You are looking forward to your closing day - and there should be nothing to get in the way of it. 


Benefits of Using a Title Company for Your Closing


  • Open and direct communication

  • Facilitates an organized closing

  • Has the entire process happens quickly and without delay

  • Convenience since the same company who handles title work is also there with you at the closing

  • Experience, expertise, and professionalism are all yours


Real Estate Closings at Bulldog Title Insurance Agency


As Louisiana’s premier title agency, we offer our services to ensure that your real estate closings go as smoothly as possible. We serve the entire state of Louisiana, from Union Parish to Plaquemines Parish and everywhere in between. 


So whether you are just getting started and need to order a title search or you want to have a pleasant closing experience, Bulldog Title Insurance Agency is here for you. 


Ready to learn more about title insurance? Call Bulldog Title Insurance Agency, LLC at 318-361-0061.